Jeß (your_loveyou) wrote,

General Outrage...

Dear election and everyone in it:

Thank you.

I didn't vote today because (1) I'm not registered--because I always had more important things to do like get to class rather than register to vote* and (2) I realized that I would just write in names like Doctor Who, Tom Servo, and Charles Dickens because those three--a fictional character, a robot, and a dead English novelist--would do a better job running this country than the actual people running. A friend of mine back home actually wrote my mother's name in and my MOM could do a better job in office than Deval Patrick (who SOMEHOW is now still the governor despite the fact that EVERYONE in the state hates him). Hell, a dying potted plant could do a better job.

*Yes, class is more important to me.

So, tonight, my friend Mike puts on his status about how using Windows 7 is the most painful thing he's ever done (or words to that effect) Mike is a diehard Mac person. (I like PCs personally because I prefer the layout/am not elitist douche) This tends to spark Mac vs. PC facebook fights every once in a while, and usually I steer clear because (1) I don't really care and (2) Mike is a bit thick.

Today, however, the election had already made me feel antagonistic and cynical, so I say: "What a delightful debate about white people problems." This is half a joke, half seriously pissed at my suburbanite friends who all still live in the suburbs** and tell Mike that I'd like to send him to Serbia or the Sudan or some other place where people struggle to even eek out lives and see how well he gets along. Mike in turn claims that his Mac would solve all the war and hunger problems in these places. (This could have been a joke, but...Mike's a bit thick, so I'm not totally sure) I tell him his Mac would get stolen and sold for drugs or weapons so effing fast it wouldn't even by funny. Mike responds with something about how Apple would track it and whatever.

My point to him was 'don't be a douchebag snob when you're lucky to have a computer at all.' I see people every day, here in Pittsburgh, with nothing. I'm appreciative of the crap I have--I've always tried to be.

**I've been in the city 2 months now, I wanna say I'm entitled to differentiate myself.

Bottom line: I don't like being more philosophically advanced that most people my age, and I think I would be happier if the world didn't extend much farther beyond MY possessions, MY well being, and ME. Sadly, my world is big.

Oh hey! Let's have a rousing discussion, shall we?

Dear f-list, where do you think owning a computer falls in Maslow's hierarchy of needs? I'd say maybe the third level if you really stretch your imagination.
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