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Hi guys, hopefully y'all had a good Christmas.  Mine was fine apart from the fact that my parents got a drum set for my brother and put it in the room right under mine so sleeping in the middle of the day is now a bit challenging.

But I got a harmonica and a yoyo for Christmas so it's all good ;u;

So anyway, now we're gearing up for this:

(I live in the gray 15 inches zone which is by now estimated to be more like 18 inches.  I also love how the Cape and the South Shore look like a rainbow :3)

Story time!
I was sitting at lunch one day like a month ago and Carter texts me saying 'It's snowing so much outside! It's like a blizzard!' So I look outside
and there's some sizable flurries coming down, but it's not sticking to the ground or blowing around creating whiteout conditions so it's most definitely no where near a blizzard.

I ask him 'Have you ever seen a real blizzard?' (He's from DC, what do you think?) He's all like 'Yeah, of course I have!  Last year we got like 10 inches!' Cue my ridiculing laughter that he couldn't hear through texting. Honestly 10 inches isn't much of a surprise up here.

So while I've been typing it's started to snow, and it won't be stopping til tomorrow.

I'm not allowed back on tumblr because all the Doctor Who blogs I follow are talking about the Christmas special that I have yet to see.  It's recorded on our DVR but my dad's watching football all day and DW is the only thing that I must watch on a full sized TV rather than my tiny laptop screen  :(
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