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(2010) Year in Fic

Guess who started doing this when it was still 2010 and got lazy :B heh, figured since I did this last year, I might as well keep it up.

(1) By the Book A second date after the disaster of Buon San Valentino, Germany/N.Italy

This was a birthday present for the delightful Mindy (strawberryburst) The prompt was a leftover from the Germany/Italy secret Santa last year. This was a fun one to write despite my lack of confidence or ability to write Italy. I think the way I can just naturally do Germany makes up for it. My favorite part of this is probably Austria, since I don't write him that often, but I enjoy the voice and attitude I gave him.

I wrote a host of little ficlets during the usxuk sweethearts week for Valentine's day. None of them are really worth noting, so I'm skipping over them.

(1) Alles Gute Prussia wants to give Ukraine an awesome Valentine's Day. Prussia/Ukraine

I had never written this pair before, barely even written these characters. But this is alright, it's cute. My only problem is that I usually like writing characters like Ukraine who don't have a lot of details and depth to them, so I can give them what they lack. (It's something I've found I get complimented on a lot) But...I don't like how I wrote Ukraine; she still seems flat (lol.)

(2) Resolute America finds a harp in England's house.

One of my two Hetalia-versary fics, I was running with a 'something old, something new' theme (This year I think I'll finish the rhyme with something borrowed and something blue) This one was the something old since, despite my ambivalence toward the pairing now, these two started as my favorites. I love the idea of this fic, but my execution was rather mediocre.

(3) A Visit and a Sunset Norway visits his brother.

Second Hetalia-versary fic, something new. Same as the one above, the idea was maybe good, but the fic itself turned out really boring.

(4) Real Life Friends Estonia is touched when his brothers and friends visit for his birthday

I had a lot of fun with this one since I don't write Estonia often. This was fun mostly just to come up with what everyone else would get Eddie for his birthday and have his be politely awkward about it.

(1) Sincerely Post Finnish War, Sweden writes a letter to Finland but receives no reply.

Ah, yes, the only multiparted kink meme fill I've managed to finish to this day. Though the story itself is a SuFin, I must admit my favorite part has to be between Sweden and Norway during their union with Sweden's depression and Norway's passive aggressive frustration.  The end's a little cheesy, but...I guess I like it that way.


(1) Words are Words Kristopher moves and changes schools, but he stays in touch with his boyfriend

The rarepair exchange-ama-jig was real fun and I like this fic a lot despite my...not passionate love for AUs. Characterization and interaction here was a lot of fun, especially between Norway and Denmark. This fic is actually a bit embarrassing because I read the prompt incorrectly and wrote a whole story on one premise rather than another. Girl who it was for still liked it, so that's good enough for me.

(2) What People Wish They Soon Believe Trapped in the Kalmar Union, Norway is able to find a little solace in the stories of past great men.

Second rarepair fic. The romance in this--of which there is like none--wound up being really folded into how much Norway leans on floor scrubbing Finland's storytelling for support, and I actually like that a lot even though I sort of had to add it in because I realized after writing draft #1 that 'Oh snap, there's nothing anywhere close to romantic feelings here and the fic needs a pairing'

I loved doing the research on epic poems for this, and I'm a bit sad that I didn't have time to read the whole Kalevala (still don't really have the time T_T)

The way this ends...I love it. Because Norway's spirit winds up so broken over the fact that his only friend left him that he doesn't even want to leave when the castle gates are wide open.


(1) First Date High school AU, fem!Germany and Italy's awkward first date.

Fluffation fic :3 Once again, I'm not wild about AUs but this was a lot of fun. That and I don't think I've ever actually written genderbent fic (roleplay is a different story) and, not gonna lie, I kinda want to write more in this AU. I love this fic to pieces and then some. I got complemented on how fitting and natural fem!Germany was...I base Louise off myself to be completely honest orz

Favorite parts of this adorable little story: The love note, Feliciano's concussion-speak, and the relationship between Gilbert and Louise (the name I only chose so Gilbert can call her 'Lou' in a sweet, older brother fashion).

(1) Imagination Rocks Making a fort out of blankets and random household objects - Sealand, Latvia

More fluffathon. Oh the copious amounts of fun had when writing this. Neither of these two are ever focuses in my writing, so I want to say I pulled this off well. Much real life babysitting experience went into this (never actually built a fort, but I have had Nerf darts shot at me and played many games where I so did NOT understand what the hell was going on xD)

(2) Tea Time Two perfectly respectable people enjoying afternoon tea

(Hetalia sunshine :D) I find it funny that after writing no genderbend fics after 18 months in a fandom, I write two within a month of each other. Either way, it is strongly my headcanon that the genderbent version of a nation handles the country's internal affairs while the other one (the original) is the international face of the nation (like a senator vs. a president, I suppose)

I feel like this fic could be boring to a lot of people because nothing really happens it's just one of those snapshot, day in the life, domestic fics, but I really had fun with this and like it a lot because it was so fun to watch this unfold with the England and Igiko being so crisp, polite, stiff upper lip-y, and just plain English!


(1) Go Away Frustrated in his relationship with America, England sometimes wishes there was a way to make him disappear forever and find a normal boyfriend. Japan and Germany seem to have the solution to England's problem, though there may be more to it than that...

Ah, and here was the minibang fic. I had never done a minibang previously and had only ever written a story of 5000 words once before. Looking at this, I feel like it's The Fic. like I honestly doubt my ability to produce anything anywhere close to this again. That said, I am both proud and disappointed. Mostly proud though. My disappointment comes in when there were things that I wanted said in a particular fashion--when I first thought 'Yeah, he'll totally say it like that and it'll be perfect' and then when I writing, I forget how I wanted the speech to go, so I had to try and do my best, but I would go back and say 'Damn it, that's not what I wanted, but why can't I remember the perfect thing?' Honestly, that's just me getting bitten in the ass for not writing things down the moment I think of them. That really only happened at the climax with Canada though.

Second piece of disappointment: how I handled Germany's romantic behavior, I can't tell you exactly what bothers me about it, but, as short at it was, that bit of the story just makes me frown.

Things that makes up for the above problems: (1) Japan. His part played out perfectly with his scheming jealousy that became downright yandere possessiveness. Oh. (2) From England waking up in the field to the end of the story is the best. That's actually what I wrote first because I wanted to make sure I got the unsure knowing, yet not knowing yet not caring down before I went back and set up all the shit that caused it.


(1) The Hidden Folk Iceland has two populations: one he can see, the other is invisible

It's hard to talk about stuff that I've written more recently, but I like this fic as well. I've never done a singular focus on Iceland before even though I've always wanted to. I get told good things about the way I write him, so I like writing him a lot as a hot/cold guy who'll say something and realize right after that it wasn't right, but then be too proud to backpedal immediately.

The opening to this is really nice; it was actually the start of something else that I just never finished but was proud enough of that I wanted to still share it.

Favorite scene has to be the stone throwing one because the 3 dynamics of Iceland, Norway, and Denmark are all there, and it shows Iceland's attempt to stand up for himself but his inability to really manage it.

I was really nervous about how to characterize the huldufolk, but in the end, the relationship they share with Iceland turned out well.

(2) Cheer A young boy learns an unexpected lesson about Christmas

Okay, I'm half and half happy with this. On one hand, I like the story itself and what is told; on the other, this was for the Nordic Secret Santa and I'm not sure it's good as a gift (adding the fact that the person this was for has dropped off the face of the earth and has said nothing about this makes me feel even worse)

This fic actually had another instance of "Oh man, I can't remember the perfect thing I wanted him to say" This time with what Sweden said at the end and I really don't like what I chose to replace it because it sounds dumb to me.

I still love the concept of Tino being a slightly deranged man who dresses up as Santa and breaks into houses while using his son to keep watch. Don't know why, it's just perfect.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
Less actually, although 13 fics in a year is a good number and nothing to scoff at.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2010?
Honestly, I didn't see myself getting so extremely attached to the Nordics

What's your favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest.
Oh man, this is a real half and half year of stuff I like and stuff that's so so, but probably What People Wish They Soon Believe, First Date, and the Hidden Folk all tie.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

I've got something I stared that I really want to get finished, another two for my next Hetalia-versary, Hetalia Sunshine, the fluffathon (if it happens again), and the Nordic secret Santa are definitely on the docket. Other than that, the year's pretty open for me.
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