Jeß (your_loveyou) wrote,

Dramatic Personae:
*Andrew, Vietnamese friend of mine, senior, offbeat in a kind of creepy way, constantly wants me and Carter to hang out with him (and his senior friends) more
*Carter, nice enough guy, very clingy, EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about being friends with me, doesn't like being ignored, can have difficulty reading the atmosphere sometimes/can be blunt

Bare Bones Story:
A couple weeks ago, Carter went to dinner with Andrew and his senior friends (I got out of it via having anime club). One of Andrew's friend's is blind (Blair).  So things go alright, Carter and Andrew go to German club afterward. Carter leaves early because he's not feeling well.
Seems like nothing's wrong.
Couple days pass, Carter asks me if I've heard from Andrew recently (I haven't talked to Andrew since last semester). He says he's been texting him and getting no answers.  I don't know what to tell him but cave when he bugs me about asking Andrew what's wrong.  I text him: Carter wants to know why you're ignoring him.  I get no answer.

Deets found out today:
Carter says: he asked Andrew a couple questions about Blair (later asked Blair himself because Andrew didn't know) such as: "Has he been blind his whole life" and "How does he take exams" (answers btw, No his blindness was just something that happened when he was about 5, they're still not sure why and Blair gets a computer that reads the questions to him)

Andrew says: Carter was being ignorant and kind of a jerk, asking Oh, are they dating when Blair and another of Andrew's friends showed up (She was evidently leading him, but Carter says they were touchy feely all night) and the above questions. Thereby Andrew was extremely embarrassed and decided to start ignoring Carter, blocking his number from his phone. He thinks it's funny that Carter's so mad about being ignored.

What Carter says about what Andrew said: I can't believe he called me ignorant I don't think I've ever been called ignorant before. I started a friendship club for kids with intellectual disabilities at my high school.  If he told me it was taboo I wouldn't've brought it up but, what the hell...

I wish I could say: Fuck off the both of you and deal with your own problems.
Tags: let's be over dramatic, my give a damn seems to be broken, this weatherman predicts..., you won't like me when i'm angry

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