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 Finally done with midterms, you gaize! /falls down dead.

Linguistics was EXCEEDINGLY easy, which I'm so glad for.  Arabic was much harder, mostly because the instructions on what would be on the test said "Constructing sentences from given words' I took this to mean that we would be given some words.  So, sure I studied, but I wasn't sure how helpful just swinging around trying to study a whole 9 units of vocab would be.  I go to take the test and we do some diction and writing numbers, and I get to the sentence part and there's no words given.

Oh crap?  Yeah kind of.

Luckily, I know how to make things up--a few words DID stick with me out of 9 units.  I'm able to write 'There are 3 cars in the street' horrible butchering both the words 'car' and 'street' because I could remember the first couple letters but not the rest, as well as There is a big cathedral in Pittsburgh, having sounded out the word 'cathedral' in English then used Arabic letters to write it because I couldn't remember the Arabic word for' building' which I wanted to use.

The third picture was of a guy nervously taking a test with a clock on the wall showing that the time is approaching 3 PM.  I wrote: 'He is studying the Arabic language.' (1) because I couldn't remember the word for 'test' or 'hard' (I wasted to say His test is hard.) all that came up was 'lesson' and 'homework' which could have replaced test, but without the word hard I was doomed.  So in hindsight I'm actually surprised that I managed to write He is studying the Arabic language because the 'the Arabic language' in Arabic is a longer and more complex word that test and hard combined XD and (2) I FELT LIKE THAT GUY WHILE TAKING THE EXAM!
The rest of the test was fine, but the sentences were worth the most, so I was extremely worried about it.  I came home and slept my feeling of failure away.

Then I go to check my German grade tonight to see if it's holding steady, and I look at Arabic and see I got a 86% on the midterm and I flip my lid because I was expecting something in the 70's XD

I'm supposed to write a German essay about a trip of Berlin (only 75 words, the class is ridiculous, it's stuff I did 4 years ago =/) so I should probably get to doing that...

Does anyone want to explain to me why I chose The Pirates of Penzance to listen to tonight? XD
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Hey guys, how's everyone doing?

I gave the journal a slight tune up (ie, nothing really changed except my banners)

Y'know, I used to think I'd meet a lot of weirdos interesting people at college; I've now come to think that I might be one of those weirdos interesting people that others meet...and I think I'm fine with that.

So yeah, it's October; my friend Liz's birthday is on Halloween which is kind of sad because for the first time in 5 years I won't be hanging out with her.  For the last three years when I was at Liz's for her birthday I saw sick but still hung around with her (1) because she didn't care if I spread my germs and (2) because I love hanging out with her so much that no illness could keep me down.  Last year was definitely most extreme because I had a fever and a straight up, kicked my ass, flu.  I pretty much sat in a heated daze on her couch watching 'Get Smart' on TV because I was too weak to get up, but that's still a treasured (if vague) memory.  Liz, Eric, and I watched the terrible remake of The House on Haunted Hill for the second year in a row and I stayed conscious enough to mock it with them.  (I went home the next day, slept for 36 hours, had some weird fever induced delusions involving me being the Queen of England, and didn't go to school for 2 days)  SO.  that shows the kind of friendship I have with her; she and I actually had a big laugh tonight about me being sick now. 

I think I might have a fever because I was acting a little tipsy last night while being completely sober; a girl on my floor (Jamie) found it quite amusing and insisted that I was wasted.  She said the same thing tonight until I told her that I don't drink and she said 'that's very good of you' and proceeded to remark on the fact that I own a lot of cool little collectibles (2 Shakespeare action figures, microbe plushies, a dragon, a lucky bamboo, and a Coke bottle from Germany with some flags in it are among the more interesting ones) She also liked that I dyed my hair green (pics someday) that sort of backs up what I think about being one of those interesting people that others meet at college.

I've been doing nothing but watch Brit Coms recently (I know leriacossato  is my Blackadder/Fawlty Towers bro, but I'm not sure if any of the rest of you like old school British sitcoms) I rediscovered Red Dwarf, which I vaguely recall, unlike Blackadder or Fawlty Towers which my parents watched all the time, because our public TV station nearly never showed it.  Turns out this is one of the funniest things in the universe and I wish PBS had showed it more back in the day--or would show it more for God's sake.

What else is going on...oh yeah, Hetalia Day--hope everyone going to stuff has a good time.  The Pittsburgh meeting is right up the street at the Cathedral, but some of my family is coming down to visit that day, so I think I'll forgo it to spend time with them.

Linguistics midterm on Monday, Arabic on Tuesday.  Linguistics I think I can do much better on that the 'quarter-term' we took a couple years ago; I got a C- on that one because half of it was transcribing sentences into IPA, and though I don't have a strong accent, the 'standard' of American English isn't how I interpret things.  This one is all about how word and phrases are formed though, so I can totally do it.  Arabic should be okay too, I just have to really internalize the words--I can make good sentences when I see the words in front of me, but recalling them outright is a challenge for me because I have a little trouble with Arabic script sometimes

tl;dr: I'm feeling alright, guys, hope you are too <3
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Trick or Treat /bandwagon

1 ★ Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.

2 ★ Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.

3 ★ Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat". If you reply with "trick", they will give you an LJ dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.

4 ★ List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection!

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I'm a total weenie, so my dares would be super lame :'D

(totally only did this so I could make the pictures XD)
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Guess who's not dead. Me.  All my qualms of the recent month are pretty much null and void apart from the fact that the people I'm friends with I'm not ecstatic about spending the next four years of my life with.

I spend most of my time with Carter and Andrew from my German class; the only problem is that I feel like this around the two of them them:

(You guys have seen Time Squad, right? Best show ever.)
I'm basically the smartest person they know concerning German and German related things and when things are due (the last of which at least they could handle themselves if they paid any attention at all.)

I had a delightful trip home that I'm a bit too lazy to write about in full but here's some highlights:
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College academics are actually really easy. 
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Quick fandom talk:
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In conclusion, look at these:Collapse )
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I don't even go out to party or anything, so I don't have anyone to spend time with.

College on the academic front is a lot of fun.  Linguistics is super cool, my algebra professor is actually really funny, and the class is super easy.  Arabic is a huge challenge and really frustrating but it's so rewarding.  I'm in the wrong level of German because I'm like the smartest one there and can clearly speak the most German but I'm barely getting the chance to.

Outside of class, though, I pretty much have nothing--like high school actually except now I barely have my old friends to fall back on for Facebook shenanigans or anything because they're all at college and have friends.  My dorm floor is cool enough I suppose, except I live next door to the girl no one likes (at the very least assures me that I'm not the girl nobody likes, if anything I'm the girl no one has an opinion of because she never says anything and sits at her desk with her laptop all the time.) My neighbor is either sick or working on her pack-a-day could be either, she goes out and gets wasted all the time.

There's cops on my floor, I think someone was smoking pot (campus rules, if the RAs smell it they call the cops, no warnings)

I don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the weekend, I don't want to go anywhere, but I don't have anyone to do anything with and I'm too socially anxious to say anything to anyone.
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Hey guys, college is really awesome.  I feel like I could have been doing this over a year ago (the whole living by myself thing, we'll see how it goes when classes start) I still come home to the dorm at like midnight every night (rather than partying like everyone else on my floor.

So I met the guy I talked about last time (his name's Mark) plus a whole bunch more people.  They had an open mic night tonight so I went and told a couple stories that some people found funny.  This one was by far most successful:

"The other day at convocation, I was doing the shuffle forward, stop, shuffle forward, stop with a bunch of people from my floor, and I was standing next to this girl who turns to me and says "Sixth floor?"

and I say, "Oh no, I'm only 6' 1"

(If you get that without hearing it said out loud, congrats.  It's not all that funny in writing)

But so I met this guy who's from my area--like just a couple towns over, so he cheered me on tonight which was really nice because I was wicked nervous; it's been a while since I spoke in front of a group of people, even though this was only like 12 or so.

So I finished with my stories and a lady standing on the sidelines told me that there's an improv thing every Friday and I should go do it.  I like improv; I don't have to spend a lot of time with the people who do it.

In TMI news, I bought a new pair of sneakers yesterday and I think I have a blister now on the inside of my toe (if that's possible) or it might be an ingrown toenail D:

lol, anyway, how are you guys doing?
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Oh hey guys XD  I vanished for a while there.  But hey, I'm totes in college now and it's actually really great.  I talked to my adviser dude yesterday and he said that I'm already coming to the University with 12 credits which I guess is like 80% of how many I need per semester (15) so I could take just one class and be fine, but of course I won't do that XD

Intro to Linguistics
Intermediate German 1

Modern Standard Arabic 1

(repeat Monday)

(repeat Tuesday)

(repeat Monday)

So I have 13 credits this semester, four classes (Arabic is 4 the rest are 3 credits)

On the social front I've met a couple people, not many I'm crazy about being besties with for four years, but nice people, many of whose names I never learned. I spent most of the beginning of the day just bumming around with whoever I was standing near in line/sitting next to. They gave us pizza at like 10 pm and I sat at a table by myself right next to the pizza and a whole bunch of people gathered around me. They seemed like my kind of people, but I only learned three of their names. I keep seeing one of the guys around though and it seems like we could be really good friends, but we're always walking past each other so I can't really stop him and ask his name. I'm sure I'll see him (and everyone else I liked) around at orientation, which basically just looks like social gathering after social gathering designed to make students make friends XD

I think I need to take a little power nap zzzz